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Hi everyone.

Here’s our fist  blog post.



From the office of Retrogression DeFi Studio,

UTILITY! UTILITY! UTILITY! That’s the word on everyone’s lips… but what does it really mean?
In a world full of meme coins, it’s easy to get distracted by the prize pooch, but as the old adage goes YOU CAN’T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS and the savvy investor is starting to cotton on the fact that Fido can no longer fetch.

A good utility is something that can bring real long-term value to a project.  A great utility has a real-world use case which reaches beyond the crypto space seamlessly bridging between the two worlds.

From day one, world class utility has been at the heart of Retrogression.  Our entire ecosystem is built on an intricate web of interlocking utilities which not only support each other, but reward the holders of the $RTGN token.

Own the token. Own the Films. Own the Game. Own the NFT’s.

At Retrogression, when we make a promise, we deliver.  This is why we are so pleased to announce the immense success of our first utility The Retrogression FIlm Crib.

Since its release on launch and a majorly successful international film festival it has now garnered 20k + views, 500 subscribers and is attracting 3000 organic weekly visitors and growing daily.

With such big numbers we are now able to move to the next phase and switch on the $RTGN wallet connect functionality.  This will reward subscribers for views with the $RTGN token.  Those who have connected their ERC20 wallets will now benefit from monthly airdrops for engagement by using the Claim function.

But that’s not all!  We have just secured another 20+ films including Academy Award Nominees, Award winning Animations, comedies and more.  And the best part! IT’S ALL FREE.  In fact, YOU GET PAID TO WATCH THE FILMS!

‘But we already know about the Film Crib and its awesome catalogue of gems!’

We hear you! Well… if that’s not enough… let’s talk about the NFT launch, shall we?

For the past 4 weeks we have been working around the clock to bring you an NFT collection that is unparalleled in the space.  Yes!  Our NFT’s have cool hats. YES! They have green Mohawks (if you wish). Yes! They have tattoos! But what NFT collection doesn’t?


Our NFT collection not only looks like fire, but it has function. It has a purpose. It has utility.  These things unlock doors!

We are pleased to announce our official NFT launch and treasure hunt.  Beginning next week, we will unleash our NFT collection to the community and the world.

Beginning with a series of doors, our NFT hunt will take you on an adventure across the internet.  When you embark on this adventure you will be lead through a series of riddles, clues and enigmas all relating to the RTGN Universe.  Those with the determination and tenacity will be duly rewarded with free NFT’s from our collection, and one lucky son of a gun just might get their hands on a rarity.

On your journey you will meet characters from the films, and follow our hero Ben Hammond as he shows you both sides of the coin.

300 Years after the great climate wars, the world is now governed by CHAD (Climate Heroes Against Destruction) to stop the extinction of the human race. Each citizen on earth is allocated the RTGN token according to their carbon footprint – a monetary system replacing all world currencies.

When Ben Hammond (Head of Cyber security at the floating metropolis of Alpha) is called out to fix the security systems taken down by terrorists on another island city, he soon realises his system is being used to control the movements of every human in a program called REP (Regulated Everyday Practice). A system of Government designed to control people via embedded tracking devices therefore reducing their carbon footprint. But this system is designed to reward wealthy consumers of “Green” new products, while using slave labour to manufacture them.

Realising his own system is being manipulated to control the poor and impoverished, he sets about overthrowing the government he now knows is a totalitarian capitalist regime masquerading under the banner of a “greener future”.

He begins to understand the urgency of a truly decentralized system, and he joins a group of freedom fighters living on the fringes of society called PAAT. Together they launch an attack to destroy his system of robotic police forces and liberate the people.

Are you P.A.A.T. or C.H.A.D.?

Create your own identity and choose a side… or maybe you could ask the oracle?


Your story starts here








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